Online Quran Kareem can be found here. Quran Hakeem is revealed by Allah for guidance of humanity. Love for Quran Hakeem is part of Islamic faith. Quran Kareem is not only for Muslims but also for all specially Jews and Christians can enlighten themselves. Quran Kareem shows path, rest is up to humanity. القرآن الكريم على شبكة الإنترنت ويمكن الاطلاع هنا. حب القرآن الحكيم هي جزء من العقيدة الإسلامية. القرآن الكريم يبين الطريق ، يعود الى بقية البشرية. الله معك

Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Daily online Quran Kareem study and Q&A session with Shiekh Abdul Razzaq Zahid Hifazaullah at 5.30 a.m Pakistan Standard Time in llliiilll Rabbi zidni ilma llliiilll room in Asia>>>Pakistan category of both at Paltalk  Messenger and Beyluxe Messenger in Pakistan category.  After Quran class there will be Hadith class from Balugh ul Marram and Question Answer session.

Please download Balugh ul Marram from this website.

There will another live Quran study session at 6.45 a.m Pakistan time by Abdul Malik Sahib Hifazullah from Multan.

Every evening (Pak. time) there are live sessions according to schedule as under.

Saturday-  Abdul Lateef sahib,     
 Sunday- Hakeem Dawood sahib  
Monday- Abdul Malik sahib          
 Tuesday  Abdul Rehman Abid sahib    
Wednesday- Ejaz Ahmad Tanveer sahib 
Thursday  & Friday  Abdul Malik Sahib

For time difference please check at clocks below down. Jazakum Ullah Khair.

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